Bring enterprise security to agile cloud deployments

Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings you the agility of the cloud in a broadly distributed, stable platform that’s trusted around the world. But moving quickly to the cloud can result in missteps and put your data at risk, negating the benefits of cloud infrastructure, especially if you don’t have a comprehensive security plan in place.

You need to secure data and workloads in the cloud. While AWS does a lot—including covering security up to the hypervisor—the rest is up to you. This is where McAfee comes in.

We provide comprehensive solutions for defending organizations using any OS across public, private, virtual, or hybrid environments. Success comes from bringing together information security with the DevOps and IT teams working in AWS, sharing tools that automate the rollout of security, and keeping security management consistent.


Security technologies built for AWS

We can help you secure all your data and workloads in the cloud. Explore our solutions below.

McAfee MVISION Cloud

  • Audit the configuration of AWS services to identify settings that are insecure or non-compliant and recommend corrective measures.
  • Enforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies for sensitive data stored in AWS storage services, such as S3 buckets.
  • Identify managed and unmanaged AWS accounts and enforce the same policies across all AWS accounts.
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McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

  • Protect operating systems and applications from known exploits, malware, and zero-day attacks.
  • Perform micro-segmentation to apply your desired security policies to individual or groups of workloads.
  • Prevent inter-VM compromises by scanning east-west traffic.
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McAfee Cloud Workload Security

  • Continually discover new workloads and gain cloud-native network flow visibility to minimize security blind spots.
  • Deliver security at the speed of DevOps, with deployment automation support for Chef, Puppet, and shell scripts.
  • View Amazon GuardDuty events—such as network connections, port probes, and DNS requests—for EC2 instances directly on the McAfee Cloud Workload Security console.
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McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

  • With McAfee ePO on AWS, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering that leverages AWS, your business can simplify your infrastructure maintenance with autoscaling, AWS databases, and easier updates and disaster recovery. Learn how to move from ePO on-premises to ePO on AWS.
  • Focus exclusively on security by eliminating infrastructure deployment and maintenance tasks with McAfee MVISION ePO, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.
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McAfee Web Gateway

  • Protect cloud workloads which require inbound file scanning, such as document upload, on externally facing web applications by running McAfee Web Gateway as an ICAP server.
  • Complement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as an HTTP/HTTPS proxy, allowing flexible web traffic management and threat prevention for virtual desktops.
  • Shift McAfee Web Gateway (on premises, cloud service, and hybrid) policy management to the AWS cloud, reducing TCO by removing the on-premises elements of managing proxy technology.
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