Safeguard vital data

Perform Detailed Forensics

Use redesigned Capture technology to act as a digital recorder and replay after-the-fact DLP incidents for thorough investigation.

Simplify Remediation

Streamline remediation by alerting senders, recipients, content owners, and system administrators.

Manage a Range of Sensitive Data

Built-in policies can manage your most important assets, including source code, internal memos, patent applications, and more.

Classify All Types of Data

McAfee DLP Monitor detects more than 300 content types traversing any port or protocol, uncovering unknown threats so you can protect your data.

Identify and Address Risks Instantly

Find and analyze all sensitive information traveling across the network and easily create rules to prevent future risks.

Take Control of Data

View comprehensive reports that explain who sent the data, where it went, and how it was sent.

Product features

Use Built-in Policies to Meet Compliance

Meet data loss monitoring regulatory requirements, including PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, and more.

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Total Protection for DLP

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