Enforce network DLP policies

Integrate with Web Proxies and Message Transfer Agents (MTAs)

Combine a range of commercial email and web gateway products by using simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) and internet content adaptation protocol (ICAP).

Perform Detailed Forensics

Use redesigned Capture technology to act as a digital recorder and replay after-the-fact DLP incidents for thorough investigation.

Simplified Management and Remediation

It's centrally managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and shares the same policy engine with McAfee DLP Endpoint.

Gain Control of Data

Protect sensitive data across all your channels, including email, blogs, portals, FTP transfers, and more.

Ensure Consistent Policy Enforcement

Establish data security policies to ensure that data protection is uniformly enforced.

Remediate Policy Violations

If a data protection policy violation is detected, McAfee DLP Prevent can encrypt, redirect, quarantine, or block the data transmission in question.

Product features

Support Compliance

Built-in policy controls support compliance with privacy regulations and reduce the likelihood of data breaches, while enabling legitimate data use.

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Total Protection for DLP

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