Defend against known and new zero-day attacks

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Prevent intrusions, protect assets, and enforce intrusion prevention system (IPS) and zero-day threat protection coverage at all levels: network, device, and application.

Customize Protection

Maintain system uptime and productivity with specialized protection that secures critical servers against attacks, including directory traversal and SQL injection attacks.

Prove Compliance without Headaches

Use easy-to-understand and actionable views, workflows, event monitoring, and reporting to quickly remediate threats and maintain compliance.

Prevent Malicious Attacks

Use powerful behavioral and signature analysis, plus a dynamic stateful firewall supported by cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, to block attacks in real time.

Enable IT Resources

Protect against exploits that target new vulnerabilities, so your IT staff has more time for planning, testing, and deploying patches.

Maintain Server Uptime

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Server includes specialized protection for web and database servers.

Product features

Save Time and Cut Costs

Protect and manage servers across your entire enterprise with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, a scalable and centralized management platform.

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