Wider visibility with a single management platform

Specialized Microsoft SharePoint Security

Add a critical layer of antivirus protection and content filtering to ensure you achieve all the business benefits of Microsoft SharePoint without any of the associated security hazards.

Simplified Deployment and Management

Interface with Microsoft SharePoint using the recommended security architecture via the SharePoint VirusScan API and SharePoint Object Model.

Integrated with Industry-leading Antimalware Technology

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence blocks malware, stops data theft, and prevents damage to your systems before virus signature updates are even available.

Secure Your Microsoft SharePoint Content

Prevent inappropriate and unauthorized documents from being stored on your Microsoft SharePoint server.

Detect Malware

Our award-winning software scans and cleans files during download, ensuring that Microsoft SharePoint doesn’t become a vector for infections.

Lower Management Costs and Increase Efficiency

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator allows you to configure, administer, and report with one powerful, centralized console.

Product features

Minimize Downtime Due to Threats and Attacks

Keep your business up and running by preventing internal and external users from inadvertently uploading infected content to the Microsoft SharePoint repository.

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