Extend antivirus security to storage environments

Advanced Antivirus Technology

Block viruses and malicious code, including threats hidden in compressed files on network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Advanced heuristics and generic detection find new viruses.

Reduce Administration Time

Centrally manage your entire security system with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. It delivers complete management and reporting from a single console.

Comprehensive NAS Protection

Simplify your environment and reduce support costs by securing multiple network storage systems, vendors, devices, and operating systems.

Always-on Protection

Decrease the risk of distributing malicious files throughout your environment and corporate network.

Receive Rapid Notifications

Stay informed via email, SNMP, SMS, or Tivoli whenever a virus is detected.

Detect Unwanted Programs

Find hidden spyware programs that track internet use, access personal data, and open security holes.

Product features

Deploy across Multiple Windows Servers

This high-performance virus scanning solution deploys on one or more Windows servers in affordable multiscanner configurations.

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