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McAfee Advanced Cyber Threat Services helps prepare you to combat emerging threats and defend valuable corporate assets. Our services include identifying network and application vulnerabilities, providing remediation recommendations and actionable threat intelligence, and designing strong security programs and enforceable security policies.

These services are delivered by our team of experienced security professionals who act as trusted partners to help you find the best ways to establish and maintain a strong security posture.

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We focus on helping you establish and maintain a strong security posture, using our cybersecurity maturity curve as a framework. Our goal is to get you from a reactive, high-risk state to a proactive, low-risk state.

Risk & Compliance

Identifies how to use the information to meet your strategic business goals and determine the best ways to protect those assets throughout the information security lifecycle.

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Threat Intelligence

Provides intelligence deliverables in the form of queries of samples, domains and IP addresses, bulk queries, static or dynamic analysis of samples; pivots on currently-tracked campaigns; malware reversing; social network analysis; or high impact event analysis.

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Identifies all vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and defends areas that present the greatest risk to your business. Also, identifies software security problems in the early stages of development using threat modeling services.

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Identifies and uncovers operational challenges in your environment, providing the ability to assess the maturity of your security operations in terms of tools, technologies, and/or processes.

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Incident Response

Provides experts who will help you prepare and reduce the risk of cyberattacks and conquer complex breaches in the event of an emergency.

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Advanced Programs

Gathers intelligence from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Private Cloud, along with experienced professionals, to deliver actionable information about developing threats, trends, and vectors.

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Approved Scanning Vendor

McAfee is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), certified by the PCI Security Standards Council, to conduct external vulnerability scanning which validates an organization’s adherence to PCI DSS.

Approved Scanning Vendor

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Qualified Security Assessor

McAfee is an approved Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council, to validate an organization’s adherence to PCI DSS.

Qualified Security Assessor

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About your McAfee consultant

McAfee consultant

Have a consultant join you for a week, a month, or even long term—whatever you need. We also have a resident consultant option available.

  • Manages large project implementations
  • Communicates clearly to executive management
  • Coordinates large teams to ensure timely and efficient solutions and responses
  • Has insight on both product and assessment security services
  • Advises and helps set strategic direction for security solutions across the business

Our cybersecurity maturity curve

No matter where you are on the curve, our goal is to get you to an optimized state—with lower risks, reduced costs, and an improved security posture. We help you in every phase of the maturity curve.

Cybersecurity Maturity Curve

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