Are you secure using the cloud?

The pandemic rushed you to the cloud for productivity, yet put you at risk due to inconsistent security policies and practices. Neutralize cyber-attacks and better protect your organization with McAfee Device-to-Cloud Suites.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Cloud-native solutions based on direct-to-web and -cloud architecture for maximum threat and data protection coupled with proactive endpoint threat management.

Protect What Matters

Improve productivity and efficacy with advanced threat prevention, AI-guided investigations, better detection/response and data protection across endpoints, network, and cloud.

Lower TCO, Easier Experience

Three easy-to-acquire, single-SKU, SaaS solutions that are cloud-managed and backed by partner services simplifies your experience.

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MVISION Device-to-Cloud Suites

Cloud-native McAfee Device-to-Cloud Suites start with McAfee MVISION Insights and Endpoint security. Capabilities increase as you scale through each of three offerings. The suites are delivered with partner services:

Proactive, Cloud-native Endpoint Threat Protection
  • Can I proactively optimize endpoint threat prevention?
  • Can I pre-empt even modern attack campaigns?
  • How can I keep data and devices safe?

Safeguard data and devices with proactive attack surface management and superior protection against ransomware and other advanced malware.

Included Solutions
McAfee Endpoint Security MVISION Insights
Full Endpoint Security with EDR and Data Protection
  • How do I empower my SOC and minimize analyst fatigue?
  • Can I better safeguard sensitive data?
  • Can I simplify incident investigation and response?

Better protect endpoints and data from advanced attackers inside and out with EDR and more advanced DLP. AI-guided investigations help minimize SOC fatigue with high-fidelity detection and response.

Included Solutions
McAfee Endpoint Security MVISION EDR MVISION Insights McAfee Data Loss Protection
Comprehensive Threat and Data Protection across Endpoints, Web, and Cloud
  • Can I protect against zero-day threats?
  • Can I get consistent data protection everywhere?
  • Can I lower TCO and complexity?

Lower the cost and complexity of cloud and hybrid environments, and safeguard remote workforces with unified threat and data protection across endpoints, web, and cloud. MVISION Cloud provides a 99.999% available direct-to-web and -cloud architecture that’s simple-to-manage using MVISION ePO.

Included Solutions
McAfee Endpoint Security MVISION EDR MVISION Insights McAfee Data Loss Protection MVISION UCE

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