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Care is no longer confined to the walls of hospitals, clinics or insurers – and neither should your security. Keeping patients, providers, payors and medical device manufacturers and HIEs secure is our mission. We do so with an open and integrated security system focused on mitigating risk, protecting data and ensuring visibility across all devices, platforms and architectures.

Healthcare requires a different approach to security

Evolving Cloud Architectures

When the healthcare community is put under new stresses due to natural disasters or viral eruptions, you must pivot to meet the digital demands of first responders and healthcare agencies. Safeguarding must-haves such as Telehealth and Remote Work environments require the flexibility of the Cloud to scale at a moment’s notice.

Integrated Medical Devices

Cloud technology has become the new center of patient care. Providing secure remote access to shared machines, workstations and EHRs lets you keep practitioners productive by having “always-on” access to tools, machines and patient records.

Identity and Data Management

Health data is a coveted asset among hackers. In fact, more patient records were breached in the first half of 2019 than in 2018. Beyond ensuring data is stored, managed (even in large volumes), and accessible via policy-based controls you need to simultaneously mitigate risk by adhering to industry compliance and regulation protocols.

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