Protect what you can’t see

The IT transformation that has powered so much innovation also brings new security challenges. Mobile devices and cloud services shift data far off your network, making it difficult to know exactly where your critical information has landed. Cloud services may store data in locations without formal tracking to manage its movement.

This lack of visibility and control puts you at risk of data breaches and even endangers relationships with partners that require proof of data protection controls as a prerequisite for doing business.

McAfee helps you adapt to this changing way of doing business with solutions that find, track, and control your data, so you can protect what you see and what you don’t.

Discover, classify, and encrypt data from device to cloud

Data Identification

Find your most critical data regardless of its location, giving you wider visibility into information residing in risky places.

Data Monitoring

Monitor where sensitive data is flowing, determine which users are accessing that data, and whether their behavior indicates malicious intent.

Data Control

Manage native cloud application access controls to reduce management burden and ensure consistent policy enforcement.

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