Protect your private cloud with an integrated approach to security

Although moving to a cloud environment can help your organization do more at a faster pace, it can also mean you have less visibility and control over your sensitive data. It can expose you to attacks that exploit traffic flowing in an east-west direction between virtual machines as well.

McAfee can help you integrate critical security controls into your private cloud to ensure your security technology supports a software-defined data center (SDDC) and to transform your private cloud into a finely tuned, secure environment.

Achieving your security and compliance goals for private cloud

Maintain Agility

The flexibility of an elastic compute environment means you can scale data center capacity up or down as needed. Ensure your security adapts just as fast without slowing down applications, compute time, or cloud-based services.

Manage Security Policies

Tap advanced policy management and automation to quickly extend your security controls to the private cloud and integrate with third-party tools like Chef and Puppet.

Prove Compliance

Demonstrate that you have effective security in place, meeting regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and other requirements for protecting data.

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