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The McAfee Enhanced Success Plan transforms traditional technical support by providing a strategically packaged set of personalized services, resources, and expert guidance, aimed at helping you achieve your security goals.

This robust blueprint, designed for medium-to-large enterprises, helps you with product adoption and consumption, security risk reduction, and maximizing your investment. Directed by a customer success manager, the plan includes proactive management, consulting and education services, health watches, success plans, and business reviews.

The plan delivers predictable security outcomes, so you can innovate fearlessly, proactively protect your business, and scale up in line with your timeframe.

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McAfee Enhanced Success Plan

This robust plan provides predictable security outcomes to help you achieve your security goals.

Get Expert Assistance

Dedicated resources help you plan security objectives, respond swiftly when critical situation arises, and ensure that your solutions are adopted, consumed, and optimized.

Reduce Security Risks

Customized success plans and regular business reviews provide a structured approach to help reduce security risk—bringing your strategy to life.

Maximize Investment Value

Education, Consulting, and Health Watch Services are delivered by consultants to keep your systems and processes current, accelerating your time to value.

McAfee Enhanced Success Plan features

Your path to success with a strategically packaged, robust set of personalized services, resources, and expert guidance.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

The CSM is a proactive account manager who helps you meet your security objectives and serves as your McAfee advocate.

Consulting Services

Consulting hours, delivered by McAfee consultants, allow you to choose from a variety of services to help ensure that you have the information, strategies, and tools to meet your global security needs.

Health Watch Services

Remotely delivered twice a year by a McAfee consultant, this service provides a detailed, in-depth diagnostics report, summary of maintenance actions, and actionable recommendations to help ensure the effectiveness and adoption of your McAfee solutions. 

Education Services

Education vouchers allow you to choose from a variety of courses to help your team grow product expertise and ensure that your products get successfully deployed, maintained, and optimized.

Success Plans

The success plans provide an analysis of your current environment and a documented program plan, tailored to your security objectives, to help ensure adoption of your McAfee solutions.

Quarterly Business Reviews

The CSM and technical experts conduct business reviews that evaluate the adoption and health of your McAfee solutions and perform an analysis of threats in your environment.

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