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Product Name Description Former Product Name
Active Response McAfee Active Response is endpoint detection and response software that helps you find and remediate advanced threats.
Advanced Correlation Engine McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine supplements McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (SIEM) event correlation with two dedicated correlation engines: A risk detection engine that generates a risk score and a threat detection engine. NitroView ACE
Advanced Threat Defense McAfee Advanced Threat Defense protects against advanced malware, including zero-day and persistent threats, providing the strongest threat protection available.
Application and Change Control McAfee Application and Change Control provides comprehensive protection against uninvited changes to or unauthorized control of applications, endpoints, servers, and fixed function devices. Solidcore POS Check and Control, Solidcore S3 Control
Application Data Monitor McAfee Application Data Monitor decodes an entire application session to Layer 7 to detect fraud, data loss, and hidden threats. NitroView ADM
Cloud Workload Security McAfee Cloud Workload Security automates the discovery and defense of elastic workloads to deliver advanced threat defense, and simplify security management.
Complete Data Protection McAfee Complete Data Protection and McAfee Complete Data Protection—Advanced suites deliver powerful endpoint encryption integrated with centralized management to prevent unauthorized access and data loss.
Data Center Security Suite for Databases McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Databases offers real-time, reliable protection for business-critical databases, and requires no architecture changes, costly hardware, or database downtime.
Device Control McAfee Device Control protects against data loss by monitoring and controlling data transfers from PCs to removable storage devices, such as USB drives.
Device-to-Cloud Suites McAfee Device-to-Cloud Suites deliver easy, comprehensive protection that span endpoints, web, and cloud. Three cloud-native offerings are available to choose from.
DLP Discover Using advanced network crawling technology, McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Discover searches systems based on LAN segment, IP address range, network group, and other criteria.
DLP Endpoint McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint safeguards intellectual property and ensures compliance by protecting sensitive data on endpoint systems. Host Data Loss Prevention
DLP Monitor McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Monitor provides industry-leading data protection scanning and analysis that examines network traffic at a deeper level than any other data protection solution on the market. Network DLP Monitor
DLP Prevent McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Prevent delivers comprehensive scans of inbound and outbound network traffic across all ports, protocols, and content types. Network DLP Prevent
Embedded Control McAfee Embedded Control helps device manufacturers secure embedded systems and internet of things (IoT) devices from malware and attacks by hackers and cybercriminals.
Endpoint Protection for SMB McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB delivers simple and affordable endpoint security, web security, and data protection for small and medium-size businesses.
Endpoint Security McAfee Endpoint Security speeds threat detection and remediation with antimalware, fast scanning, instant threat detection and updates, and maximized CPU performance.
Enterprise Log Manager McAfee Enterprise Log Manager automates log management and analysis for all log types and integrates with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager for analysis and incident management. NitroView ELM
Enterprise Log Search Hunt faster by searching billions of events in seconds and get immediate access to raw logs for context with McAfee Enterprise Log Search.
Enterprise Security Manager McAfee Enterprise Security Manager delivers intelligent, fast, and accurate security information and event management (SIEM) and log management. NitroView ESM
ePolicy Orchestrator McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software centralizes and streamlines management of endpoint, network, data security, and compliance solutions.
Event Receiver McAfee Event Receiver collects third-party events and logs and correlates events collected by other distributed receivers for systemwide threat detection and fast security data retrieval and analysis. NitroView ESM
Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) for ESM Built for big security data, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) for ESM puts the power of McAfee Labs directly into the security monitoring flow.
Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop protects your systems from known and emerging threats.
Host Intrusion Prevention for Server McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Server guards against zero-day attacks, keeps servers up and running, reduces patch requirements, and protects critical corporate assets.
Integrity Control McAfee Integrity Control blocks out-of-policy changes, ensuring that only trusted applications run on fixed-function and point-of-service systems.
Managed Detection and Response McAfee Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides advanced capabilities such as 24x7 critical alert monitoring, managed threat hunting, advanced investigations, and pre-authorized remediation that significantly improve the organization’s threat detection and response efforts.
MOVE AntiVirus McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AntiVirus optimizes security, flexibility, and management for virtual environments, increasing the options for companies investing in virtualization for data centers, applications, and desktops.
MVISION Cloud McAfee MVISION Cloud, formerly known as McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud, is a cloud access security broker (CASB) that protects enterprise data and users across all cloud services, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud
MVISION EDR McAfee MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps security analysts understand alerts, conduct investigations, and quickly respond to threats.
MVISION Endpoint McAfee MVISION Endpoint leverages and enhances built-in Windows 10 security with advanced protection for Windows Defender.
MVISION ePO McAfee MVISION ePO is a SaaS-based centralized security management console that enables management of Microsoft Defender along with McAfee security technologies.
MVISION Insights MVISION Insights helps organizations move to an action-oriented, proactive security posture with local and global telemetry to detect, rank, and respond quickly and accurately to threats.
MVISION Mobile McAfee MVISION Mobile provides on-device threat detection and protection for all Android and iOS mobile devices.
Network Security Platform McAfee Network Security Platform guards all your network-connected devices from zero-day and other attacks, with a cost-effective network intrusion prevention system. IntruShield Network Intrusion Prevention System
Policy Auditor McAfee Policy Auditor automates IT audits to help you easily meet industry security compliance requirements and save time. Hercules Policy Auditor
Remote Browser Isolation McAfee Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is an integrated part of MVISION Unified Cloud Edge that protects against advanced web malware and ransomware, including zero-day malware, by isolating all browsing activity into a remote virtual environment to ensure no malicious web content ever reaches end user devices.
Security for Email Servers McAfee Security for Email Servers detects and blocks viruses, spam, and other unwanted programs on inbound and outbound emails on Microsoft Exchange servers. GroupShield
Security for Microsoft SharePoint McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint filters content and detects, blocks, and removes malware to secure information in SharePoint servers. PortalShield
SiteAdvisor Enterprise McAfee SiteAdvisor allows you to browse the web safely, avoiding online threats such as spyware, adware, and phishing scams.
Threat Intelligence Exchange McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange optimizes threat prevention by narrowing the gap from malware encounter to containment from days, weeks, and months down to milliseconds.
Total Protection for DLP McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to be proactive about data protection and ensures that you create effective data security policies.
Virtual Network Security Platform With support for network virtualization, VMware NSX, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform enables the flexibility to quickly scale security based upon the changing dynamics of virtualized workloads.
VirusScan Enterprise Upgrade from McAfee VirusScan Enterprise to McAfee Endpoint Security, our flagship endpoint protection solution.
VirusScan Enterprise for Linux McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux keeps viruses and other malware off Linux systems with a scalable and easy-to-manage solution. LinuxShield
VirusScan Enterprise for Storage McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage blocks and removes malware from network-attached (NAS) storage devices. VirusScan for NetApp
Vulnerability Manager for Databases McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases conducts more than 4,700 vulnerability checks against leading database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and MySQL.
Web Gateway McAfee Web Gateway is a high-performance secure web gateway with best-in-class threat protection in one unified appliance software architecture.
Web Gateway Cloud Service McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is a cloud-delivered web security service built with best-in-class threat protection available to organizations around the world.
Web Protection McAfee Web Protection is a web security solution that includes an on-premises secure web gateway and SaaS-based web security delivered from the cloud.

Occasionally product names change due to company acquisition or new business needs. This table is intended to help you find the product you're looking for.

Former Product Name New Name
GroupShield Security for Email Servers
Hercules Policy Auditor Policy Auditor
Host Data Loss Prevention DLP Endpoint
IntruShield Network Intrusion Prevention System Network Security Platform
LinuxShield VirusScan Enterprise for Linux
McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud MVISION Cloud
Network DLP Monitor DLP Monitor
Network DLP Prevent DLP Prevent
NitroView ACE Advanced Correlation Engine
NitroView ADM Application Data Monitor
NitroView ELM Enterprise Log Manager
NitroView ESM Enterprise Security Manager
NitroView ESM Event Receiver
PortalShield Security for Microsoft SharePoint
Solidcore POS Check and Control, Solidcore S3 Control Application and Change Control
VirusScan for NetApp VirusScan Enterprise for Storage

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