Workload security from on-prem to cloud

Automate Discovery and Deployment

Automation templates and continuous workload discovery for day-1 protection and a centralized view of instances across all accounts.

Visualize and Control Network Threats

Cloud-native network visualization, prioritized risk alerting, and micro-segmentation for awareness and control to prevent both lateral attacks in the data center and external threats.

Defend Workloads Against Advanced Attacks

Integrated countermeasures to protect workloads spanning machine learning, application containment, virtual machine-optimized anti-malware, whitelisting, file integrity monitoring, and micro-segmentation.

Discover and Defend

CWS automates discovery and defense of elastic workloads to eliminate blind spots, deliver advanced threat defense and simplify management.

Simplify Cloud Security Management

A single-pane console consolidates policy and management across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify security with centralized management, automated workloads, one-click quarantine, and the ability to take corrective actions from within the solution.

Cloud and DevOps Integration

Direct integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware environments provides visibility and deployment automation through Chef, Puppet, and shell scripts.

Optimized for Virtual Workloads

Leverage advanced host-based workload defense optimized specifically for virtual instances to avoid resource storms that can strain underlying infrastructure.

Multilayer Protection

Safeguard IaaS environments from advanced malware and intrusion with easy multilayer protection.

Product features

Cloud-native Network Control

With increased awareness and control of your cloud workloads, you prevent both lateral attacks in the data center and external threats.

Direct Integration with Cloud Providers

Direct integration with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. AWS Guard Duty alerts integrate with McAfee ePO, displaying network connections, port probes and DNS requests for EC2 instances.

How to buy

  Cloud Workload Security Basic Cloud Workload Security Essentials Cloud Workload Security Advanced
Centralized management (McAfee ePO platform)      
Multiple cloud support (AWS, Azure, VMware)      
Micro-segmentation to quarantine workloads and containers      
McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (agentless and multiplatform)      
McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention for Server OS (Windows and Linux)      
Host-based firewall      
Native firewall management for AWS and Azure (security groups)      
Host Intrusion and Exploit Prevention       
Import AWS and Azure tag information into McAfee ePO      
Auto-remediation on non-compliant workloads      
Adaptive threat protection with machine learning       
Network traffic visualization and micro-segmentation      
Cloud-native network traffic analysis combined with global threat intelligence reputation score      
McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform integration      
Dynamic whitelisting for servers via McAfee Application Control      
Continuous audit logging via McAfee File Integrity Monitoring      
File and folder protection via McAfee Change Control for Servers      

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